Jessica Schulte, MD, PhD

Jessica Schulte, MD, PhD


Specialties: Adult and pediatric brain tumors, including glioma

Dr. Schulte specializes in treatment of adolescent and adult glioma and neurofibromatosis, with a focus on optimizing transitions of care between pediatric and adult medical care. Part of this involves expanding on opportunities for clinical trial involvement, to match patients to trials that are appropriate for them, as adolescents may be eligible for both adult and pediatric clinical trials. Other important aspects include improvements to supportive care services for patients in the adolescent and young adult population. 

Dr. Schulte's other interests include molecular diagnostics and targeted therapies, with particular insight into clinical trials tailored to tumors with specific gene alterations. 

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Education & Training

2006: BA, Biology, The University of Chicago
2012: PhD, Neuroscience, Northwestern University
2014: MD, Northwestern University
2014-2015: Clinical Internship, Internal Medicine, Columbia University
2015-2018: Residency, Neurology, Columbia University
2019-2020: Clinical Fellowship, Neuro-Oncology, UCSF

Academic Positions

2020-Present: Clinical Instructor, Department of Neurological Surgery, UCSF

Selected Awards

2018: American Academy of Neurology Enhanced Resident Leadership Program
2018-2019: Chief Resident, Columbia University Adult and Pediatric Neurology Residencies 
2008-2011: Appointment to Cellular and Molecular Basis of Disease Training Grant (NIH T32)