former caregiver hugs Margaretta Page, nurse coordinator for the UCSF Caregiver Program

Video Resources

The Gordon Murray Caregiver Program and the UCSF Neuro-Oncology Brain Tumor Support Group host educational lectures that are tailored for people with brain tumors or their caregivers. Watch video recordings of these presentations below.


Integrative Cancer Care

Presented by integrative oncologist Donald Abrams, MD


UCSF Neuro-Oncology Caregiver Retreat 2019: Introduction

Presented by the Director of the UCSF Division of Neuro-Oncology Susan Chang, MD


Effects of a Brain Tumor on the Caregiver, Part 1

Presented by the Co-Director of the Gordon Murray Caregiver Program Jennie Taylor, MD, MPH


Effects of a Brain Tumor on the Caregiver, Part 2

Presented by the Co-Director & Caregiver Nurse of the Gordon Murray Caregiver Program Margaretta, RN, MS


Exercise for Caregivers

Presented by the Co-Founder and Program Director of Sunflower Wellness Regan Fedric


Self Compassion for Caregivers: Mind, Body and Heart

Presented by the Senior Instructor of Education Programs at Zen Hospice Mary Doane


Latest in Brain Tumor Treatments and Trials

Featuring UCSF neuro-oncologist Nancy Ann Oberheim Bush, MD, PhD


Safely Caring for Your Loved One at Home

Featuring physical therapist Ron Blessinger, occupational therapist Asa Williams, and guest speaker Marty Beene