Hugging at the annual UCSF Caregiver Program Retreat

Neurosurgery Inpatient Caregiver Program

This program is designed to reach caregivers at the time of their loved one's surgery. Our caregiver nurse meets with family members in the hospital to provide valuable health information and beginning instruction on basic caregiver skills. Our aim is to prepare caregivers for taking care of the patient between the time of discharge and the patient's first visit to our neuro-oncology clinic.


Educational Video

This online educational tool provides information about postoperative caregiving, particularly for the first 2-3 weeks after surgery. The goal of this presentation is to prepare family members for their roles as caregivers, and to give them information on what to expect. Ultimately, this helps improve the patient's transition from the hospital to home, and reduce postoperative issues during recovery.

Some topics include:

  • Organizing and administering medications
  • Communicating with the physicians, nurses, social workers and other health care team members
  • Managing and observing the surgical incision
  • Monitoring for medication side effects
  • Addressing potential post-operative complications
  • Knowing when and who to call if questions arise
  • Strategies for getting organized
  • Caregiver self-care