Clinic Services

Our expert neurorehabilitation and cognitive support providers in the Neurocognitive Care Clinic focus on how changes in brain function may affect your thought processes, behavior, or emotions. They can help you and your loved ones learn new ways to live well and adjust to those changes.

Your cognitive care may include the following services, depending on your needs:

  • Neuropsychological evaluations-measures concentration, learning and other skills to guide treatment planning
  • Cognitive rehabilitation therapy-helps with improving and maximizing thinking and understanding skills so that you can live and work as independently as possible. Individual and group visits are available with loved ones being encouraged to participate
  • Supportive cognitive care-helps patients and loved ones with practical strategies and support to managing day to day activities
  • Psychological care- helps patients cope with and process the emotional side of having a brain tumor in individual and family sessions.
  • Health psychology sessions- focuses on patients' well-being, reducing symptoms of anxiety and depression, and building positive coping skills.
  • Advocacy and coordinated referral to other local rehabilitation services


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It was so isolating [before working with the Neurocognitive Care Clinic] and with [their] help I started to feel more control over my body and my life. Things really started looking up when I started working with you.

Neurocognitive Care Clinic Patient