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Integrative Approaches to Brain Cancer Survivorship

Internationally-recognized radiation oncologist and integrative oncologist Shannon Fogh, MD, offers this 3-part seminar series to those with a brain tumor diagnosis who seek guidance on living their healthiest life possible. Sessions involve group instruction, individual consultation, exercise instruction with an exercise specialist, and health coaching with a certified health coach.

Group photo at the Integrative Approaches to Brain Cancer seminar
Past seminar attendees with members of the Survivorship Program team: Donald Abrams, MD; Susan Chang, MD; Naomi Hoffer, MA, MCHES; and Alexa Greenstein, RN, FNP-C

Last year's sessions were taught by world-renowned integrative oncology expert and author of Integrative Oncology, Donald Abrams, MD. Sessions involved group instruction and individual consultation on cancer nutrition, plant therapies and non-traditional medicine for cognition and fatigue, and are offered regularly throughout the year. Check out the recorded sessions below.

The Anti-Cancer Diet

Dr. Abrams offers some recommended foods, herbs and supplements that can be useful for boosting the effectiveness of conventional therapies and countering some of the distressing side effects. The pros and cons of the ketogenic diet will also be discussed. 


Using Nature to Heal

Plants have been used for thousands of years to prevent and cure diseases. Dr. Abrams reviews what we know and don’t know about botanical therapies and medical cannabis. 


Beyond Traditional Medicine

When should you consider complementary and alternative therapies, mind-body interventions, botanical therapies, and Traditional Chinese Medicine? What are they, and what might they offer for fatigue and cognition?


Lifestyle Factors in Long Term GBM Survivors

UCSF Neuro-Oncologist Nicholas Butowski, MD discusses the importance of a healthy lifestyle for brain tumor patients.


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