Brain Tumor Center Preclinical Therapeutic Testing Core

Preclinical Therapeutic Testing Core

David Raleigh MD, PhD, Director
Tomoko Ozawa MD, PhD, Co-Director

The Brain Tumor Center Preclinical Therapeutic Testing Core generates brain tumor-bearing animals and conducts preclinical anti-tumor agent trials for both UCSF investigators and non-UCSF investigators.

The Core offer a variety of brain tumor xenograft and allograft-based models and provides a complete set of services that include consultation regarding preclinical experimental design, generation of brain tumor models, administration of experimental agents, monitoring tumor growth and interpretation of experimental results.

Additionally, Drs. Raleigh and Ozawa provide training in the use of various rodent brain tumor xenograft and allograft models, including intracerebral, brainstem, cerebellar, skull base and convexity engraftment techniques. Training includes implantation of the tumor cells, monitoring intracranial tumor growth using bioluminescence imaging, delivery of therapeutics systemically or locally, and monitoring of tumor growth and response to therapy in living animal subjects. Finally, Drs. Raleigh and Ozawa provide consultation for developing Institutional Animal Use protocols.


Preclinical Core
The Preclinical Core team (from left): Scott Spalding (volunteer), Kyounghee Seo (staff researcher), Raquel Santos (staff researcher), Tomoko Ozawa (Co-Director), David Raleigh (Director), and Miko Fogarty (volunteer).