Nicholas Butowski

Nicholas Butowski, MD


Director of Translational Research, Division of Neuro-Oncology
Principal Investigator, Brain Tumor Center

Specialties: Adult brain tumors, including glioma, glioblastoma, and meningioma

Dr. Butowski is a neuro-oncologist who specializes in novel therapeutic approaches to brain tumors. Other areas of clinical focus include neuro-imaging, cognitive and rehabilitative neurology, and complementary therapy. 

Dr. Butowski’s ultimate research goal is to develop novel and effective therapeutic strategies for the treatment of patients with primary brain and spine tumors. His research focuses on the development of treatments for primary brain tumors as well as methods to ensure good quality of life for patients. Another research priority is the development of methods to assist patients in recovering from, or coping with, brain injury. 


Education & Training

1995: BA, Northwestern University 
1999: MD, University of Illinois at Chicago 
1999-2000: Intern, Evanston-Northwestern Hospital
2000-2003: Resident, Department of Neurology, UCSF 
2003-2004: Fellow, Neuro-Oncology, UCSF 

Academic Positions

2004: Clinical Instructor, Neuro-Oncology, UCSF 
2005: Assistant Clinical Professor, Neuro-Oncology, UCSF
2010-2015: Associate Professor, Neuro-Oncology, UCSF
2015-Present: Professor, Neuro-Oncology, UCSF

Selected Awards

2013: Essential Core Teaching Award, UCSF
2008-2013: UCSF Voice of the Patient Award, Press Ganey Award for Excellence in Patient Care