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Two UCSF Researchers Receive Awards from the Society for Neuro-Oncology

Every year, the Society for Neuro-Oncology (SNO) recognizes the work of several outstanding brain tumor researchers at their annual meeting. With over 2,600 researchers and clinicians attending from more than 40 countries, the event is the world’s largest neuro-oncology conference. 

This year, SNO has selected two UCSF researchers, from among the 1,000 scientific abstracts accepted, for the following awards:

  • Aaron Diaz, PhD, Associate Professor of Neurological Surgery at UCSF and Principal Investigator at the UCSF Brain Tumor Center, will be receiving the Abstract Award for Excellence in Adult Basic Science, for his lab’s work on A Single-Cell Atlas of Glioblastoma Evolution Under Therapy. By analyzing dozens of human, patient-matched glioblastoma specimens before and after recurrence, the Diaz Lab identified transcriptomic changes that occur during glioblastoma recurrence in the context of standard-of-care therapy.
  • Radhika Mathur, PhD, a postdoctoral fellow in the Costello Lab, will be recognized with the Andrew Parsa Young Investigator Award, for her research on the Epigenomic Intratumoral Heterogeneity of Glioblastoma in Three-Dimensional Space.

To learn more, tune in for the awardees’ presentations at the 2020 SNO Annual Meeting. Register for the virtual event here


Aaron Diaz, PhD, receives 2020 SNO Award

Radhika Mathur, PhD, receives 2020 SNO Award