former caregiver hugs Margaretta Page, nurse coordinator for the UCSF Caregiver Program

UCSF Neuro-Oncology Gordon Murray Caregiver Program

At UCSF, we understand that a brain tumor diagnosis affects not only our patients, but also their families and loved ones. The goal of this program is to ensure that family members and loved ones have the resources they need to feel prepared for their new roles as caregivers.


Services Available

A caregiver team — including a nurse, a social worker, and a program coordinator — is dedicated to meet the specific needs of those caring for adult patients with brain tumors. We commonly advise caregivers on the following topics:

  • Disease information, including symptoms, side effects and what to expect
  • Navigating the healthcare system
  • Financial, disability and insurance information
  • Guidance for completing advanced health care directives
  • Connecting with local and community supportive care resources
  • Caregiver-to-caregiver peer support
  • Educational workshops designed for neuro-oncology caregivers
  • “Planning Ahead” Caregiver Educational Series
  • Support groups
  • Caregiver events

If you are the caregiver of a UCSF Neuro-Oncology patient, or a medical institution looking to develop a similar program, please feel free to contact us at (415) 514-5674.

Learn how the Christina Capurro Sand Brain Tumor Fund has extended similar caregiver services and resources at Marin General Hospital and Napa Valley Neurosurgery Clinic.


Our Team

Family Advisory Council

To ensure that we are supporting the needs of the entire family, we regularly meet with a team of experienced caregivers of brain tumor patients. These members form the Family Advisory Council, and provide input and feedback on programming decisions. Family Advisory Council members also support the program by volunteering at our special events and organizing fundraising efforts. Many members of the council also serve as peer caregivers in our peer-to-peer support program. 


For Patients and Families Affected by COVID-19

We have compiled a resource sheet with financial assistance and funding opportunities for patients and caregivers who have been affected by COVID-19. Many of the programs assist with medical insurance premium payments or offer a one-time payment if the patient or spouse has lost their job as a result of the pandemic.

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Other Caregiver Resources


A Program Inspired by Gordon Murray

The UCSF Neuro-Oncology Gordon Murray Caregiver Program is named in honor of Gordon Murray, who was treated at UCSF for brain cancer and passed away in 2011. Grateful for the state-of-art care Mr. Murray received at UCSF, his wife Randi Murray led a fundraising campaign to build a program that helps families get the resources they need throughout the difficult experience of diagnosis, treatment, and bereavement.

Joined by philanthropists Cathy and Mike Podell, and Marritje and Jamie Greene, the Murray family raised over $2 million to establish the UCSF Neuro-Oncology Gordon Murray Caregiver Program, in addition to funding the construction of additional research laboratories at the Brain Tumor Center. Continued support comes from philanthropic donations.

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Gordon Murray discusses the impact of UCSF